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Romhacking turns into a whirlpool. has become the Whirlpool @

Hey, so what the hell, man?
The Whirlpool is (at the moment) the internet's largest archive of game translation patches to English. It is owned by Spinner 8 and (wraith). Spinner 8 is the guy who thinks he's funny and writes most to all of the crap you see here. (wraith) is the guy who codes all the behind-the-scenes PHP and MySQL and whatever else things. Also there's various staffers who occasionally decide to do stuff.

What are game translations? They involve making a ROM or disk image of a Japanese (or French, or Chinese, or etc.) game, and applying a patch to the image. In simplest terms, this patch will change various bytes in the image and turn it into a game that you can play in English.

At the moment, the Whirlpool specializes in archiving translations of console games, and we also do the occasional news bit. Support for computer systems is lacking, but we're getting to it. We promise.
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